VP, GJP, UMP, Green, LDP, will retain seats in Port Vila

With the campaigns starting to kick off, the outlook for Port Vila puts all the big names as front runners for this election.

VP, GJP, UMP, Green, LDP all look set to retaining their seats leaving only one seat to fight for in Port Vila.

Voting turn out is expected to be low but the big Party’s with their respective candidates are confident their voters will turn out on polling day.

VP has once again stuck to it’s young candidate Kenneth Natapei, GJP with Ralph Regenvanu, UMP with Ulrich Sumtoh, Green with Kalo Seule and LDP with Jimmy Edward.

Indeed an interesting pack as they are all heavy weights within their rights and look to set the campaigns in port Vila on fire.

With so many issue’s delaying the official candidate declaration, the big boys in Port Vila are all set and ready to hit the streets.