VP National Executives to decide by-election candidate

After the VP Port Vila region yesterday endorsed the names of Kenneth Natapei and Ishmael Kalsakau in its regional meeting, the names of the two proposed candidates were submitted to the VP national executive to decide who will be eligible to run in the by-elections.

Since the VP regional committee had difficulties with its selection, the matter has been forwarded to the VP executive to make the decision.

The difficulties occurred when five sub committees were submitted by Ishmael Kalsakau who is also current Attorney General during yesterday’s meeting and were not allowed to vote.

The Port Vila VP region committee had 4 votes to 3 in favour of Kenneth Natapei and the five subcommittee introduced by Ishmael Kalsakau were not allowed to vote as they had not been registered inside the Vanua ‘aku Pati congress to become mandates to vote as stated by VP constitution.

The five committees were set up to purposely go in and vote but the rules did not allow this to happen.

Tomorrow at 10am the VP executives will make the decisions as to who will be the official candidate to run in the Port Vila 2015 by-elections.