image by Georgio Calo

VPMU asks drivers and pedestrians to be patient as roadworks continues

The intersection at Soccopor has never functioned correctly as a roundabout as there were two points of entry and exit which created confusion. Vehicles were often unclear about what lane was the exit or entry lane and were often crossing each other’s path, which was dangerous.

VPMU, through the Port Vila Urban Development Project (PVUDP) has rebuilt the intersection to reduce the intersection to 1 entry lane and 2 exit lanes.

In addition, there will be a turning lane for south-bound traffic.

Currently south-bound traffic must wait and block other south-bound vehicles. Once the turning lane is established the south-bound traffic will continue to flow past those vehicles waiting in the centre, turning lane. Once road signage and line-marking is in place the turning lane will be established and traffic flow will be improved.

North bound traffic flow will be improved by a bus-bay which is being established just north of the intersection. Once this bus bay is complete, and busses pull off properly into the bus bay, the flow of north-bound traffic will be improved.

VPMU seeks the patience of drivers and pedestrians as works progress.