Opposition concerned on VT389,836,864 million Parliamentary Secretary Packages for 4 years

The Opposition Office is raising grieve concern on the amount of government expenditure allocated to the Parliamentary Secretary positions.

A statement by the Opposition say “the State Law Office has just gazetted a list of new Parliamentary Secretary portfolio staff to be included under the Official Salaries Act (OSA).”

The Opposition statement continues that “the Salwai Government to date has six (6) Parliamentary Secretaries all of which now have their respective political staff complete with Political advisers, secretary typists, drivers and residence cleaners.”

The major concern from the Opposition Office is that “many of these parliamentary secretary portfolios do not have any established Government office, yet political staff with no official job descriptions have been employed to manage these imaginary offices and a total waste of public funds.”

The Opposition Office is voicing its concerns over “the senseless ongoing exploitation of Government funds by the recruitment of political advisers, secretary typists and cleaners who manage and occupy imaginary portfolios in phantom offices that serve no economic benefits to Vanuatu and its people.”

“This Government has shown again and again its recklessness and irresponsible squandering of public finance on extravagant expenditure simply to safeguard the unity of the current Government coalition.”

According to budget breakdowns as provided by the Opposition Office, this is how much it costs to operate the six (6) Parliamentary Secretary portfolios on a yearly basis:

Parliamentary Secretary PMO VT24,576,536,
Parliamentary Secretary MOIA VT14,576,536
Parliamentary Secretary MOE VT14,576,536
Parliamentary Secretary MOALFFB VT14,576,536
Parliamentary Secretary MFEM VT14,576,536
Parliamentary Secretary MOH VT14,576,536
Total VT97,459,216

“The opposition is questioning the Vanuatu Government to be accountable to the people and tell Vanuatu how, Vt97,459,216 translates to serving the people of Vanuatu.”

The Office of the Opposition say “In four (4) years this Government will have spent Vt389,836,864 on Parliamentary Secretary portfolios simply to safeguard and protect the interests and unity of the this coalition Government.”