VT5 million-plus a vehicle each for the 52 MPs

There are allegations that the Chinese Government has made arrangments to deposit VT5 million each into the 52 MPs of Parliament bank accounts and also give each member of Parliament a private vehicle.

Reliable sources have told YTS News that the Chinese have made the offer after a proposal put forward by the Parliament Privilege Committee to raise MP Gratuity to VT15 million was rejected by the Vanuatu Prime Minister.

Sources within the Vanuatu Government say it would be a dangerous idea if the allegations do happen as it would directly mean the Chinese Government will be sponsoring 52 current members of Parliament in the upcoming 2020 elections.

The reliable source alleged this move might be directed to build influence for the Chinese Government inside the Vanuatu Parliament and also to grow the support for China inside Vanuatu.

There are 52 vehicles in this proposal that are meant to donate or provided to each member of the Vanuatu Parliament.

A few years back, the Chinese company Huawei delivered 52 Mobile Phones to the members of Parliament as gifts and all the MPs were heavily criticized back then for receiving the phones.