Seasonal SWP recruitment agency Konekt Pacific and telco provider Wantok Vanuatu have come to an agreement to support Konekt Pacific workers in Australia with communications and money transfers.

The arrangements will see over 3000 workers between 2021 and the 2022 season from Konekt Pacific signup to Wantok Mobile and Wantok Mane solutions. The arrangements will see Wantok Vanuatu register workers before they leave Vanuatu onto the Wantok Mobile and Wantok Mane.

Wantok Vanuatu for the next 12 months will collaborate with Konekt Pacific to ensure all the workers are registered before leaving Vanuatu and have access to the international money transfer application provided by Wantok Vanuatu.

Wantok Vanuatu has already begun to sign up 500 workers onto its mobile app and will support the workers with communications to families in Vanuatu.

Konekt Pacific management has made the arrangements to support their workers for the 2021 to 2022 harvest seasons in Australia and it is compulsory for all workers registered with Konekt Pacific to register to Wantok Vanuatu.

‘Communications is an issue with a lot of our workers’ say Bianca Tavoa from Konekt Pacific. ‘As we expand our operations ready for the 2022 season, the Konekt Pacific management has come up with this arrangments to support our workers’

Team leaders from Konket Pacific staff in Australia will start going through video training with Wantok Vanuatu to register workers already overseas onto Wantok Mobile and Wantok Mane.