Another opinion by WAY Forward today.

Robert Bohn Sikol was the only one to talk and the other MPs decided to remain silent is a mistake or no mistake?

The fact is, State witness says, “We took a loan, Tony Nari made me sign a blank paper, etc… he gave me money etc… Reserve Bank, ANZ, WESTPAC, Customs Rate and Tax, Lands Department, Vanuatu Financial Service Commission all had something to say but the accused decided to keep silent still, why?

The judge now has only what the State Witnesses say.


The accused keeping in silence does not help her to do her findings about the truth and facts. It could even irritate both prosecution and judge and mislead her to another path. Sorry tumas, their lawyers are too young and naive for such a big case.

The public still wonder WHY Robert Bohn took 1 million vatu. He is known to be Director of Pacific International Trust Company and a board member of Vanuatu Financial Service Commission and is a very wealthy person.

He spent years in jail in US and came to bought a virgin in Epi with people living in a remote area, but he could face another custodial sentence in Vanuatu. At least he make a link between US and Vanuatu and that is a fantastic bilateral agreement.