It is a trying time for our country but we should never take pride nor should we rejoice when our fellow country men fall. We should remain optimistic, calm and continue to pray for our fellow brothers who have left behind families. We must pray that whatever it is that brought this upon us must never again be revisited by the younger generation.

We must never rejoice when we fall but always allow reasoning to be part of us and allow us to see this ordeal as a stepping stone to be a better person, to want to do good, and to be good because it is in the interest of our great nation.

Being simple in our ways, always being modest, always smiling, always saying thank you, always being humble before others, thinking of others before ourselves is our character and it is the one thing we must always ensure people see and know as Vanuatu as from this day.

Despite this great hiccup in our history, if there ever was a time in our history to show the world who we are and to show the world that we do know where we are going, it would be today the 22nd of 2015, the day we chart a new course in our history and say yes we are Vanuatu and we are proud of who we are.

We are Vanuatu and yes now is the time to stand up tall and say we are Vanuatu. We fall as many others before us have and we will rise as many others before us have, and we will be a great nation because ‘Long God Yumi Stanap’ and we are, VANUATU.

May god keep the families of our people who have been convicted safe and may god provide for the children left behind, may he see the needs of the mothers who cry, and may god keep us strong and unite us to always to walk forward united always.

This day will be etched into our history books as the day we pick ourselves up and find a way forward.