We have achieved a lot in 35 years

Following the passing away of a great statesman, late MP for Port Vila Edward Nipake Natapei, the issues of development and achievement have again come out to light and the eulogy of the late VP President has proved to a lot of ears that we have achieved quite a lot in the last 35 years.

Political language has been instrumental in making people believe that we have not archived anything. With all the misconceptions that politics provides, political leaders must set the records right and allow people to see the achievements Vanuatu has accomplished in the past 35 years.

Political propaganda must be given its final warning and we must deal with propaganda in a exceptional manner. We must demand truth and must tell our politicians to stop lying and to tell us what we have achieved.

There will be a few testimonies that will come out on YTS to help us understand that we have achieved and despite what politicians say, we have succeeded beyond reasonable odds in most of our achievements.

Political language has made people feel less of themselves and their country despite having achieved a milestone. We must tell our achievements and show the people where we have come from and where we are at this moment and where we are going.

After listening to late Natapei’s eulogy we can now safely say a lot of politicians know nothing about Vanuatu’s development history.