In all our dreams and aspirations as a nation, in our entire quest within and beyond, in all our hopes for a future, through all infinity, you became part of a young generation through your leadership. Through life’s majestic challenges, the glorious and joyous smiles of our people, the highlights of the struggle to know who we are and where we come from, we see you.

For our beliefs, in Custom, Church and Government, pillars of our own democracy at times different in views and opinions, in our bond as a family, the teachings and importance of grace through fellowship and prayer, the means to respect, the wisdom of peace and unity, the purity of our traditions as a means, we see you.

The inspiration for change, remembering the principles of Vanuatu that is our history, savouring to find ourselves and find truth, to tell our story and look to navigate the future, to paint our picture, every stroke tells a time, leaves a trace of so many ridges that must heal, we smell the ink, we see the unfinished, the brush waits, we extend a hand, and we see you.

The faults in our beings can replenish; every word a drop from a waterfall, to ignite and empower a people, to find a destiny, a legacy, and define ownership. Imperative of all circumstances, you did shape our life’s, to be prosperous in spirit, to fulfill a promise, to be an answer, to be a star and shine. To be the futures that can determine and shape our livelihood, we see you.

In all the trials and tribulation, in our path to finding a way to redemption, through our visions of a nation, you have lit the fire that needed to burn. You decided to mould a future through a child’s heart. You instilled a symbol of hope in a generation without patience. You became an icon on your last breath for making us believe we can lead and we see you.

Without you, we have become our past, we have become our present, and we have become our future. We became the nation you served; we have become the reality you spoke of, despite all the deeds you maintained obscurity and absence to allow us to shine, always being the push when we are about to fall. You wanted a nation of peacemakers yet willing to prospect, and we see you.

You embraced the generation who always seem to look down, you say we are busy learning and stood firm to say we are the future, and you built the future by believing, by trusting, by participating in our life’s, and telling us to be always different, to want a better life and to be transparent and accountable so the world can see the true colours of Vanuatu, and we see you.

You became part of us by ensuring we made our mark on society. As a member of Yumi Toktok Stret, we will miss your silent presence but above all miss your leadership and smile. If there ever was a leader who shone with the #smilevanuatu, it is you. If there was ever a legacy that the world can remember you by today, it would be YUMI TOKTOK STRET. You allowed us to be part of society and have made our mark as you have wanted. We had a Member of Parliament. We had a leader. We will create our history in our futures to come, to ensure WE SEE YOU.

We thank you Edward Nipake Natapei Tuta Fanua`araki for believing in Yumi Toktok Stret. WE SEE YOU.