Weapons Supplied to Papuan Rebels KKB Valued Around 10 million Vatu

Jakarta – Police said the transaction value in the process of buying and selling terrorist weapons by armed criminal groups (KKB) in the mountains of Papua is about ten million vatu. This was known after the arrest of Ratius Murib alias Neson Murib.

“The total sent and received was Rp. 1,393,100,000,” said Head of the Nemangkawi Operations Public Relations Task Force Kombes Iqbal Alqudussy in a written statement, Tuesday (15/6/2021).

Ratius Murib alias Neson Murib is suspected of selling firearms to the armed terrorist criminal group (KKTB) in Puncak Jaya Regency, Papua. Neson Murib was arrested by personnel of the Unit II Investigation Sub Task Force of the Nemangkawi Operation Law Enforcement Task Force on Monday (14/6). At first, Neson Murib had KP3 personnel from Bandar Mulia Puncak Jaya and was taken to the Puncak Jaya Police.

“The person concerned, Neson Murib (26), is suspected of selling firearms and ammunition to the KKTB in Puncak Jaya,” said Iqbal.

Neson Murib alias Ratius Murib after boarding the Rimbun Air plane on the Nabire-Timika route. But yesterday, the plane transited in Puncak Jaya first. From the man’s hands, the police confiscated about Rp 370 million (2 million vatu) in cash.

In addition to cash worth hundreds of millions of rupiah, the Nemangkawi Operational Law Enforcement Task Force has carried out several items belonging to Neson Murib in the form of a special autonomy notebook and shootings in Puncak Regency, a cash assistance agenda book, and records of the expenditures of aid funds from TPNPB sympathizers.

Not only that, the police also found several passbooks in Ratius Murib’s name and several cell phones, as well as dozens of receipts for proof of transfer to parties suspected of being a gun dealer network.

Currently the Nemangkawi Task Force is still investigating Neson. Iqbal said that he was studying the source of funds to Neson’s activities during the firearms transaction.

“The team will continue to dig up information on sources of funds and remittance activities to buy weapons and ammunition from the suspect Neson Murib,” said Iqbal.

Source: Detik News