WELCOME HOME : First Group Of Athletes Return

The first group of 36 athletes and their coaches have returned from their 5 month training in China on the 14th of September. By the end of the month all 100+ athletes will already be back home in Vanuatu.
From the running tracks of Vanuatu to the Athletics Training Centre in Hunan Province in China, many were called over night to go far from their traditional circles of support; their families and community.

Department of Youth & Sports Officers and Volunteers.
Over a hundred of our Athletes traveled to China to train for the 2017 South Pacific Mini Games.
For us at the Department of Youth and Sports Development it is definitely not an easy fit, nor was it a comfortable feeling knowing that you are sending a plane load of young citizens to a foreign land with very high hopes in them.
For these athletes there is no doubt about their performance, they received the very best of training’s offered by their hardworking Chinese trainers.

Welcome Home Coach!
From their own experiences each athlete has a story to tell; a story filled with challenges, personal achievements, visions, and lasting relationships. These are the stories that we would like to explore as we count down the days towards the Mini Games.
The Gold, Silver and Bronze will be like a bonus to their awesome story of resilience and endurance. In sports, victory is really not about winning or losing. Victory is more about personal resilience and determination, because that is what gets you to go head to head with the finest athletes of Oceania.