West Papuan Suspected of Posting Hoaxes on Facebook Arrested by Police

EKM (38) alias Emanuel Metemko, the chairman of West Papua National Committee-Free Papua
Organization (KNPB-OPM) in the Merauke region was arrested by Indonesian Police on Wednesday
(9/6/2021). He is suspected of spreading hoaxes and hate speech on social media.

“The Nemangkawi Task Force has arrested the owner of a Facebook account named Manuel Metemko
who is suspected of spreading false information or hoaxes, provocative hatred or hostility to
individuals or community groups with ethnicity and religious issues” said Public Relations Head of the
Nemangkawi Task Force, M Iqbal Alqudusy in a statement.

The confiscated evidence in the arrest is one cellphone belongs to the EKM and several contents on a
Facebook account under the name of Manuel Metemko. “Currently the Cyber Task Force team of
Indonesian Police has brought the suspect to the Merauke Police for a digital forensic examination of
the evidence that was secured,” he said.

The Police made law enforcement against the EKM as the owner of the Facebook account Manuel
Metemko for uploading various contents that disturbed the public. For his actions, EKM is suspected of
violating Article 45A paragraph (2) in conjunction with Article 28 paragraph (2) of Indonesian Law
Number 19 of 2016 concerning of Information and Electronic Transaction (ITE).