West Papuans claimed that OPM are PNG Terrorists

Bisnismetro.id, PAPUA – The actions of the OPM terrorist group in Papua are very disturbing that Papuan’s believed stems from tribal war with neighbouring country Papua New Guinea.

They not only attacked the police-TNI officers, but also civilians. The West Papuans are helping their community and the governement in efforts to stop the terrorist group’s actions.

Recently the residents of Oksamol District in Papua condemned the cruelty of the OPM terrorist group which attacked the Oksamol Police Post and killed First Brigadier Mario Sanoi two weeks ago on 28 May.

Ansel from Oksamol District, emphasized that residents expressed their rejection of the OPM terrorist group entering their territory, and also threatened to fight the OPM terrorist group using traditional weapons if they forced their way into their environment.

“We, the people of the Oksamol district were angry, so we gathered together and using traditional weapons, we chased the killers who were still not far from our village,” he said.

Ansel said that the residents of Oksamol District also rejected the existence of the OPM terrorist group and emphasized that the residents of Oksamol District are not involved nor they are members of the OPM terrorist group.

“I believe the perpetrators are a terrorist group in the Ngalum Kupel region led by Lamek Taplo. They are not native Oksamol people, but they are people from outside Oksamol who came in to mess with us in Oksamol District,” he said.

Not only that, Ansel also mentioned the courage they had shown by the residents of the Oksamol District when they rejected the presence of the Papua New Guinea (PNG) organization.

“We are having tribal wars with the people of our neighboring country, PNG, where they claimed that the land we lived on is part of the PNG state,” Ansel concluded.