WFP Lives in Luxury In Tanna and Lie on Their Website

Reports received by Toktok Stret from Tanna says there is rising concerns that locals contracted by World Food Program (WPF) in Tanna have not been paid for over some months now after providing logistic support to WFP team.

The renowned WFP who are here in Vanuatu looking after the food distributions for Tropical Cyclone Pam have yet managed to pull off Cyclone PAM’s most amazing recovery story of get rich schemes.

The organisation are housed in expensive resorts charging around VT19,000 per night with meals worth nearly VT2,000 per plate, yet people still require basic necessities, PAM relief operations is still on, state of emergency still activated, questions everyone around, draws the perception that WFP recovers faster than Vanuatu itself.

Locals who were contracted by WFP are asking the Government to look into the matter urgently, as one contractor says, “If they had wanted volunteers they should have said so, but to say we work for them under a contract and not pay us is something we will not accept”

Another local on Tanna says “the world must know that the World Food Program people are living in luxury here in Tanna”.

“They eat menu’s that tourist eat in restaurants and hotels in Port Vila, and live in the Tanna Lodge, the best resort and most expensive resort on Tanna”

Those locals who were contracted are questioning the Government who will be responsible to pay the money agreed to in their contract with WFP, since WFP receive money for disaster on behalf of the Vanuatu Government.

Another issue which is damaging is a press release on the WFP website locals says, they provided the world false information, and it stated that the all Islands affected by Cyclone PAM have received suppliers, according to Ministry of Climate Change and other witnesses, all this news is not correct.

“Four weeks after the cyclone, we only visited some of the Islands affected, and it was not two weeks, but more weeks after cyclone PAM, and it is wrong to publish incorrect information”, says a Government representative to YTS News team.

“Some of the Islands though were not that fortunate and did not receive supplies for over 8 weeks”.

“They have done a great job after TC Pam and Vanuatu should be grateful for all the effort, but they must not grunge statistics as this could tarnish their image in Vanuatu as perpetuated by their website”.

Prime Minister’s Office was contacted and they say, “We have seen the press release when one of the locals notified us, it was published on the 27th March 2015, at that time, we have not yet reached all 22 Islands with supplies.”

The press release did say “Government food packages include a two-week supply of rice, canned fish and meat, and noodles, WFP is supplementing this with 200 metric ton of locally-purchased rice and 40 metric tons of biscuits fortified with vitamins and minerals, the biscuits, which were airlifted to Vanuatu, are being sent to nine priority islands where families have limited access to clean water to cook food.”

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) also confirms the report is one sided and all 22 islands were not reached after two weeks.

You can read the WFP article yourself on this link: http://www.wfp.org/news/news-release/food-reaches-all-cyclone-affected-islands-vanuatu