This picture was capture just before TC PAm ended , Looking towars iririki island resort

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All of them WANTED and Vanuatu harbouring them? Rizwan is wanted in Fiji; In Vanuatu he is starting a business… VIPA? Eilon Mass is wanted in Israel, in Vanuatu he is on bail, making appearances on air on FM 107 when his visa expired 2 years ago. —Iama Quinquin
Mi wantem takem smol attention blo yumi lo forum ia regarding issue blo use blo gavman trak ia 4VE 016 blo NDMO. Lo Thursday night truck ya kolosap I sperem some innocent bystanders. Oli kam stop lo station lo d-dock everyman lo truck oli trong..driver I jump out dry chest wetem bigfala bel blo hem..wat is the public service commision doing about this??? —Rio Kia
Malnaruru football club i champion blo shefa league. Hemi bin receivem 1 bigfla cup n 1 envelope we oli proudly announcem ce 120,000vt..taim oli counten..70,000vt cash nm..Hahaha next day nm oli go from President blo shefa league lo haus blm n accusem m from money… MESS with the wrong team hey..Hahaha rrroooo roooo hhhooo!!! —Melinda Pakoa
Port Vila City Kaonsel we Lord Mayor Ulrich SUMPTOH I lidim istap wantem talemaot long ol residents blong Port Vila se hemi disaed blong introdiusum Flee Market long every Sunday long Port Vila Market Haos.
Interested people I save contactem tel 22113—Theo Massing

Promedical Rescue now has 12 highly trained Road Crash Rescue operators, after putting in a week of training 7-8 hours a day on the new hydraulic tools donated by Australian company PT Hydraulics with specialist trainers from the Australian New South Wales Sate Emergency Service. The service also can respond to industrial accidents, and in the future we will be adding skills such as Swift Water/Flood Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue (Building Collapse and Major Disasters Response) and Vertical Rescue. We rely 100% on community sponsorship and donations, all members are volunteers and don’t get paid for the hours and hours of training and on-call time they provide to help make their community safer. — Zeak Smith
Counceller Morris boe long luganville hemi andem over sam items i ko lo community blo mango lo sam manis or years i pass, lo week ia hemi stap collectem bakeken from any gud reason mo andap lo hem,hemi anouncem se Green Party i pem mo Green Party i mas karemback.hemia i soem lo pipol blo Mango se next Election Green party mbae i kam talem wanem lo pipol mo hemi wan shem lo Ol lida blo Green Party lo Vanuatu. —Lionel Jimmy
Has ISIS or ISIS sympathisers reached Vanuatu? Last november a group of muslim clerics from NZ arrived and ran training programs in Santo for muslim converts, possibly in addition to their main centres in Tanna and Mele. Now I have just heard of UNCONFIRMED reports from Santo that these clerics, called imams, were recruiting for ISIS or at least promoting the ISIS cause (death to unbeleivers – that is anyone who is NOT muslim). This could be rabis toktok but if anyone can CONFIRM IF THIS IS TRUE please comment here. I have also heard of UNCONFIRMED reports that the muslim leadership is sponsoring some of their best to attend Islamic religious schools overseas – known as Madrasa. Again, if anyone can CONFIRM NI-VANUATU CITIZENS ARE BEING SPONSORED TO ATTEND OVERSEAS MUSLIM SCHOOLS please comment. Can anyone in Santo or elsewhere please confirm whether these stories are true or not, because if they are true then Vanuatu must NOT REGARD ITSELF AS IMMUNE FROM THE ISLAMIC THREAT. This would be a very serious development that could undermine national security. The picture shows what an imam looks like, but this one did not visit vanuatu. It is just an example only. —Garae Vandui
Joshua Tafura Kalsakau Paramount Jif George Tawanearu blong Lelepa Island mo komunity lida Kalmari Touguluman oli bin mekem wan ‘vow’ long aftanun tedei nomo blong muv aot long GJP (MP Killion) mo joinem VLP !!!
Bae oli mekem wan preperesen blong VLP bae iko kamaot long Nasara blong High Jif ia long Lelepa blong oli oficiatem wan kastom seremoni nekis wik blong silim ol tingting mo ol toktok ia. Rison we oli talem, emi from ol toktok kiaman we Min Ralph mo MP Killion oli bin promisem help iko long olgeta be oli no luk wan gud saen nating long promise ia mekem se tedei oli kam tugeda long wan tingting blong muv aot long GJP mo joinem VLP ! VLP i helpem olgeta wetem wanem we oli bin askem. — 1 Pawa !!!

Port Vila City Kaonsel we Lord Mayor Ulrich Sumptoh I lidim istap wantem putumaot notice ia iko long ol University students blong AUF mo USP se Shangai City long China through long Chinese Embassy long Vanuatu emi interes blong sponsarem 5 university students (2Francophone mo 3 Anglohone students) blong ko spendem 4 weeks long Shangai City long China blong participate long Shangai Summer School wetem learning theme we hemi “Learning Business & Culture in Shangai”. Sponsaship I coverem travel cost, ground transportation mo accommodation long Shangai City long China. Blong eligible blong apply, nominee imas: Be Ni Vanuatu Gat 18 years mo ova Be wan university we I stap undertakem degree courses long wan long tufala university institute long Country Be resident blong Port Vila Municipality Anywan we I interes save lodgem wan application leta ikam bifo this coming Fraede 6 March 2015.
issue blong havannah land hem no set yet.hem stap long wan dark situation.tedei long morning long 09.00hrs mifala ko look miniister ralph .be hem no letem mi ko inside .hem acceptem nomo some jif nomo.oli ko look hem.all family oli talem long mi se.minister hemi stap wantem plotem some area blong title no 12/0522/001.mo kim long custome .bute wanem we hem talem tede hemi no same mark long all tok tok blong hem long starte long issue ya,so mekem se mifala i still not settle down yet wetem issue ya,hem very stressful ,mo annoying .mo nightmare.nao ya title holder , hem i stap takem case i ko long kot.from fasen blong trespas long property mo .contemem court order we i stap finis,mifala i no agree tumas long wai we government hem stap kam inside long all kraon with out askem long all lessor mo lease .mo all area kaosel blong all jif blong west efate.mi mlook olsem minister blong lands hem wantem pendem wan judgement we court of appeal hemi mekem decision long issue finis long last november 2014.way we minister ralph hem sendem security blong m i kam passem tok tok mi long mi se mi no allow blong look hem hem olsem .offis ya hem i no wan state offis .be hem offis blong gjp.mi no acceptem racist threatment olsem.ta —Timothy Kaiiang
Ol family .. long last wik mi bin stap long Paunangisu village blong lukaotem tournament blong Sheffa futboll TVL, wan samting we mi luk se wan contructor i bin stap traem blo fixim ol road blo PGS village.. mi stap stret long wan MAMA blo sofmad we contructor ya ino bin fixim be i fixim smolsmol hole… kwestem se,, contructor ya i karem fund blo fixim smoll poteholes nomo be leko big poteholes i stap ??? wanem tingting blo yufala ??? —Fred Lencie
Lo sarere, namba 2 March 2015, Jif Naupat mo ol pipol blo Emau Aelan oli setem asaed ol difrenses blo olgeta mo folem ol Jif blo olgeta blo kam mekem pis mo unity mo stanap olsem wan pipol. Lo taem Jif Naupat hemi stap killim pig mo mekem saen blo pis ol Police oli kilim nogud wan boy Emau lo Police station. Boy ia papa bo hem Zebeda Jonas mo oli liv kolosap lo Sophie Nakamal lo Nambatu. JIf blo mifala ol man Emau kilim pig blo putum pis be ol police kilim wan pikinini blo Emau mo hemi swim lo blad blo hem lo sem dei tu. Aria blo Nambatu hemi stap ko bak lo ol dei blo bifo we mifala kilim man ted mo sakem lo rod. Stat tete hemi ko Police yufala kam public enemy namba wan bakeken. — Thomas Joel
MI luk se more and more, ol pipol istap stikim nek blong ol MP from ol personal needs, like school fees, rent fees, electricity bills, water bills, deaths, marriage etc…Practis ia ino gud from i spolem use blong MP allocation we i sut go long ol komunity based project….Wanem tingting blong yu? – Antoine Malsungai
Mi bin so fortunate blong mitim today Mr. Jerry Kanas, Operation Manager blong 2 Shipping Company mo same taem official candidate blong Iaouko Group (IG) long Efate Rural long 2016 General Election.Georgio Calo

Hi YACV supporters. The YACV Committee met this week and discussed possible activities and strategies for our membership for 2015-2016 in the lead up to the General Election in Vanuatu. Some of our ideas include: Monitoring system with youth within their communities. Using telecommunications and internet services for awareness raising. Reporting on corruption in Vanuatu. Working with schools to deliver and anti-corruption program and engage students in various activities: debate, dance, songs etc. on anti-corruption. Develop a youth monitoring network and survey throughout Vanuatu – If you have any ideas that you can contribute, let us know! The YACV committee is also calling for volunteers to join us in our planning meetings on the ground in Port Vila for now. If you are interested, please email President blong yumi Prescilla Meto! — Sarah Doyle.

This picture was capture just before TC PAm ended , Looking towars iririki island resort
This picture was capture just before TC PAm ended , Looking towars iririki island resort

CONGRATULATIONS to Delphine Vuti who is promoted to a position of Superintendent, in the Vanuatu Police Force. A great female leader who has achieved the top level in her professional work career, in a male dominated and market competitive position. She is a role model to women of this nation. It is imperative that her experienced is shared and be learned by women to help, empower and be a guide for everyone who is striving to achieve their ambitions in life.
This is her words to women, quoted: Thanks for your comments about about my promotions. Yes, I feel that I deserve this few years back but however, the Lord knows our timings and he did it on the right time when I am ready to exit from VPF. It is now vital for me to continur for asnother few years to mentor and coach others to strive for higher ranks in this male dominated orgainzation.
Lovely Ladies, I had applied for the Commissioner’s post during the last advertisement and was short-listed and I came first during the interview but CAN NOT get the post because of politics, I believed as it is more political position.
Nevertheless, we women had proved that we should have headed the orgainzation BUT because of gender biased decisions, we can take this position., Hemia iolraet nomo forom yumi provem sei yumi kam nambawan lo interview..be lego oli ko hed wetem, be yumi continue blong mekem gudfala wok. Yes, I am encouraging our young females to pull up their shocks and work harder as women must proved them 120% but for men they can prove them 80%.
We will continue to serve our Nation to the best of our ablity and we will serve you all if you have problems or victims of crimes at home/work.
Love you all and God bless.
Delphine May Vuti
Manager Planning, Projects & Policy Unit
Mobile: 7760943