Who Has the Benefit of the Crime?

Who has the benefit of the crime?

Ciceron was a famous lawyer during the Romans time and these were the words he said when he started his submission to defend farmers against people who deprive them from their land.

What can we say? In resume, Moana, was leader of opposition and tried 3 motions and did not succeed. He is a gambler and knows how to get money and play around with money. He had assurance at the time when giving these loan that all the MP will reinstate him as Prime Minister.

But, Sato Kilman had the benefit and was elected PM, then where is Sato Kilman during all the PM Court Case?
Where is his Public Relations Officer during all the 16 MP bribery court case?

Nation and worldwide would expect a word or expression of comfort, a statement from the PM’s office but this was a complete silence and even today.

How does PM shows his support to the MP’s? We agree or disagree with what they did; nevertheless they are human being with a heart, they are fathers, grand father’s, elected MP’s, and they are worried, and like all children, they needed some comfort and someone to say to them, “keep the faith, be strong for I am with you…”

It seems to us that all the MP’s were sacrificed sheep in silence to killers and it was not to Robert Bohn to talk to the court and say how things work in Vanuatu.

PM office should have made a statement, not to excuse MP’s to have taken loan etc… but to stand by their side and express thanks to MP’s who put him PM, and be describing how exchange of money works in Vanuatu, their obligations with voters, the long list of works and projects to be done to satisfy communities demand etc…

Instead, a shame on PM and his cabinet they did dare put a candidate too for the election, but what could be the level of trust? Be careful voters for this by-election.