Who is Jordy Tasip?

Many soccer fans in Port Vila and especially Tafea Football Club and Jordy Tasip will remember yesterday’s experience at the Port Vila Stadium for a long-time.

Jordy Tasip after scoring against Galaxy FC in the Port Vila Championship final. Photo/Facebook

Tafea’s winning goal over Galaxy yesterday to claim the 2019 Port Vila League Championship title came from young Jordy Tasip.

Jordy Tasip far left with National U-19 in Tahiti 2018. Photo/Phototek/OFC

Jordy was scouted by NRA coaches on West Ambrym to join the NRA U-17 academy program in 2017 where he was playing under Vaum United FC in the Luganville Football League before joining the National U-17 to Tahiti in 2017 and again the national U-19 to Tahiti in 2018.

In 2019 he joins the Malampa Revivors FC campaign for Oceania Champions League title in Kone New Caledonia and after the tournament he joins Amicale FC in Port Vila League.

Port Vila Team and Jordy Tasip front row far left. Photo/Facebook

In the Provincial Games in Tanna, Jordy played under Port Vila team.

Jordy was playing for Amicale FC before the club got disbanded and he was transfered with other players like Jeffery Bob and Godchen Dona to Tafea FC.