Who is the Terrorist in West Papua?

In the early 2021, a miserable terror event has started for the Papuan, especially those who live in Ilaga and Beoga Districts, Papua. According to the Tribune News online, there were 16 cruelty actions committed by the  Papua Liberation Army such as burning of missionary aircraft in Beoga District, burning schools, murder of elementary school teachers and minors.

Condemnation expressed by local officials such as pastors and regent officials. Radar Timika and Timika Express reported that violence committed by the West Papua Liberation Army was disgraceful before the eyes of God and considered contrary to the philosophy of the Papuan customs, said the Chairperson of the Indonesian Protestant Church, Rev. Fredinans C Hakubun.  Same response came from The Christian Religious Leader of Bethesda in Beoga, Rev. Simon Tinal, said that the murder by the West Papua Liberation Army was a violation of human rights and contrary to Bible.

Brutality and barbaric actions by killing teachers and burning schools by Papua Liberation Army  contrary to what the Papuan demand. Educating young people is paramount in order to escalate Papuan human resource.

The Minister of Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD revealed that a large number of victims of the brutality of Armed Criminal Group or separatists, occurred in the last three years. Victims of rebel persecution since 2019 amounted to 110 people.

Now the question remains, who is the terrorist and violating human rights, Indonesian government or the Papua Liberation Army and other rebels?