“Why did you cut the road, why, why?” Lacoste final words

Nigel Morrison will be facing trial starting tomorrow the 23rd of September, 2019 and is charged with Dangerous Driving causing Death.

On midday, on Sunday the 18th of March 2018, Nigel Morrison is said to have cut over the path of a motorcycle ultimately causing a collision which killed late Christian Lacoste.

It is with deep regret that I bring this announcement.At approximately 5.30pm, Sunday 18/3/18 we lost Christian…

Posted by Pirates Hot Rod and Motorcycle Club. Vanuatu on Sunday, 18 March 2018

In an open letter to Nigel Morrison on YTS News, late Lacoste wife Sheberina said in her husbands last moments, he questioned Nigel Morrison “Why you cut the road, why why?”

Mrs. Sherberina Lacoste also ask Nigel Morrison “why he did not look before cutting across Christians road?” and not properly looking before turning into Francesca Resturant.

Mrs. Sherberina Lacoste claims her husband would be still alive if Nigel Morrison who was driving, had looked.

Mrs. Lacoste says the death of her husband is a tragedy to her family.

Christian Lacoste 80-year-old mother, Jacqueline Lacoste is unlucky to have buried her husband 5 years ago and then bury her son and the suffering she must endure can’t be described.

The expectation from any parent is to have their children bury them and not them bury their children, and the sorrow is indeed unbearable as Sherberina Lacoste also described.

Christian Lacoste daughters were 10 and 14 years old when the accident happened, and they too suffered and their mother says “at this age lost their father who would have hugged them every morning and night before they went to bed”

“Now my elder daughter Laetitia is attending school in Sydney because of the death of her father. They were very close and shared a passion for motorbikes and music. They went to breakfast every Sunday morning just the two of them.”

Mrs. Lacoste says her younger daughter, Manon does not want to talk about her father anymore because she thinks “it will make mummy cry” and the death of her father has emotionally changed her as “she talks less than before and has become quite around others”

“I did not just lose my beloved husband but I lost my best friend. We cared for each other and supported each other for the last 18 years. Now I need to take care of my daughters and mother in law by myself”

Mrs. Lacoste says “I had a happy family, but it was shattered into pieces because of you Nigel Morrison and your negligence. Jacqueline Lacoste has lost her only son, Laetitia and Manon have lost their father and me, Sherberina Lacoste have lost my life-time partner, my husband”

Mrs. Sherberina last words in the letter were “l wish you could experience what l have been going through and still am”

Late Christian Lacoste daughter ‎Laetitia Lacoste‎ has questioned why Nigel Morrison has hired lawyers from oversea’s to defend himself knowing full well he is guilty of causing her fathers death.

It is believed Nigel Morrison is expecting to win this case and also has a holiday planned right after the trial.