Why is Vanuatu silent when teachers and nurses in Papua are massacred by KKB?

Jakarta – The Republic of Vanuatu has again harassed Indonesia about the issue of Papuan human rights violations at the UN General Assembly. Indonesia also questioned Vanuatu’s silence regarding the massacre of teachers and health workers (nakes) by the KKB in Papua.

The statement was delivered directly by the Third Secretary of the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia in New York, Sindy Nur Fitry. This answer is a response to the statement of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Vanuatu Bob Loughman who asked the UN Human Rights Commissioner to come check the conditions in West Papua.

Sindy Nur Fitry said that Vanuatu continues to interfere with the sovereignty of other countries. In fact, according to him, Vanuatu’s accusations are baseless.

“I am surprised that Vanuatu continues to use this noble forum to harass the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other countries. And continues to carry out aggression with despicable intentions and political motives against Indonesia,” Sindy said at the UN General Assembly, as seen on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ YouTube Channel. , Sunday (26/9/2021).

Sindy said Vanuatu only pretended to care about human rights issues. However, Vanuatu has turned a blind eye to the terrorist acts of armed criminal groups.

“Vanuatu tries to impress itself, as if this country ‘cares’ about human rights issues. In reality, their version of human rights is distorted. And completely ignores the heinous and inhumane acts of terror perpetrated by the armed separatist criminal group (KKB), ” said Cindy.

“Vanuatu deliberately turned a blind eye when this armed separatist criminal group killed nurses, health workers, teachers, construction workers and law enforcement officers,” he continued.

Sindy also questioned why Vanuatu was silent when teachers were massacred by KKB. “When teachers are mercilessly slaughtered, why does Vanuatu choose to remain silent?” he said.

He asked that the Papuan issue be viewed in its entirety. Just so you don’t get lost.

“All of our citizens are treated equally regardless of socio-cultural, religious or economic background. Open your eyes, and see the full picture, see everything, or you will be lost,” he explained.

Source: news.detik.com