Will Smith has arrived in Vanuatu to continue another episode of the National Geography acclaimed Television documentary, One Strange Rock on Tanna Island.

National Geographic‘s One Strange Rock has created a heartfelt, informative, awe-inspiring, and most ambitious series to date and their stop on Tanna Island is to shoot a scene on the most accessible Volcano in the World, Yasur Volcano.

This 10-part docuseries follows the stories of eight astronauts, and several scientists and experts, as they attempt to explain the seemingly miraculous formation of the planet Earth.

Jane Root, Executive Producer of One Strange Rock and Creative Executive Producer of Nutopia said in a round table interview with Decider. “There are a lot of amazing astronauts and scientists connected to this project, so we wanted somebody who just had a joyful, inquiring mind about the world and who would be excited by it; but who you didn’t necessarily assume knew a huge amount.”

Will Smiths’ arrival in Vanuatu shocked alive social media and the excitement amongst the locals is quite extraordinary.

“Mike Lowery is in town” can be seen across Facebook and Twitter, as Smith is well known in Vanuatu with the Movie “Bad Boys”

For the many locals who met or saw Will Smith, it will be a memory they will cherish as they turned out with smiles, shook hands with someone they idolize through a screen and can see in person.

A lot of locals grew up watching the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” whilst others know him through the many action films he has been in and the excitement is amazing given the children are also there to see him.

Whatever the Movie they know him by, it is not often a Movie Star comes to town and every picture is worth taking given he is 50 years old and may never come back to Tanna Island.

The documentary Will Smith is part of are shooting scenes on the Yasur Volcano and whereas most documentaries about Earth’s formation present it as a graceful evolution, One Strange Rock portrays it more of a beautiful disaster.

When asked why by Decider the creators and producers went with this stylistic direction, Executive Producer Ari Handel said they are “focused on how miraculous the creation of the Earth really is.”

Given the accessibility of Yasur Volcano, Will Smith is not only on Tanna but is in Vanuatu, a country situated directly on the “Ring of Fire,” and one of the riskiest places to live on the planet because of natural disasters.

Vanuatu lies on a very active tectonic plate boundary located on the western convergent (where plates meet) boundary of the Pacific Plate.

It is also part of the ‘Ring of Fire’, a chain of volcanoes that are located on the edge of the Pacific Plate.