Woman stabbed to death by boyfriend

An argument between two couples at ohlen Fresh Wind ended up with the man stabbing his partner to death this morning.

The man from Emae /Tongoa/ Makira stabbed his partner after an argument reportedly over their child’s lunch.

The deceased is a mother from Emae Island whose husband died a while back and families arranged through custom for her to live with her current partner.

Images of the deceased were uploaded to social media which showed the woman covered in her own blood and laying on the floor.

Social Media is buzzing with relatives and women activist coming out to voice their concerns.

Whilst Police Investigations are happening, information has come out that the two couple are living in a arranged relationship through custom.

The woman has 5 children with her previous partner who passed away leaving her a widow.

The man whose currently in custody does have a history of violence against his partners.

He was jailed previously for attacking his former girlfriend with a knife causing serious injuries.