World Class catering “Greener Games”

Credit must be given to Tyrone Mann and his hardworking team who defiantly made a big impact through their “Greener Games”, and feeding the many thousands of athletes during the VAN2017.

Mr. Mann and his team were in charge of the VAN2017 catering especially feeding the athletes and volunteers.

The Catering was perfectly planned and managed with the system being flawless and with no complaints from the athletes.

The catering provided 108,000 meals for the workforce and athletes and over the Van2017 event also provided 40,000 retail outlets food sales.

VAN2017 also used bioproducts which were disposed of after the games and all the small retails were supplied with the bioproducts.

The Government of Vanuatu provided some unused biodegradable products to the food vendors at the Mamas Market in Port Vila after the Games.

The Catering team initiatives in helping to reduce the environmental impact of the Games is greatly appreciated and YTS thanks and congratulates Mr. Mann and his hardworking team for their effort.