Achievement does not belong to a few people. Everyone has the right to achieve achievements regardless of their background based on their abilities and expertise. For example, those who excel in their fields this time come from Cenderawasih Earth (land of the bird of paradise). Those who excel come from various fields, including sports, movie stars, music, and so on.

  1. Leidy Herlin Rumbiak

Leidy Herlin Rumbiak who is usually called Leidy is a beautiful girl born in Jayapura who has many achievements. One of them was when she managed to qualify for a well-known beauty event in Indonesia, and was named the Indonesian beauty queen representing West Papua in 2017.

  1. Nowela Elizabeth Mikhelia Auparay

Singer Nowela Elizabeth Mikhelia Auparay was born in Wamena, Papua, on December 19, 1987. She is an Indonesian singer of Batak and Papuan blood. He was the winner of the eighth and final season of Indonesian Idol singing talent show in 2014.

  1. Septinus George Saa

Septinus George Saa is a young Papuan native who since childhood has lived far from urban areas. He was able to penetrate the First Step to the Nobel Prize in Physic a few years ago. George was able to outperform hundreds of other participants around the world

  1. Boaz Salosa

In Indonesian soccer, who does not know Boaz Salossa. The man who was born in Sorong, West Papua, March 16, 1986, is on of the best Soccer Athlete in Indonesia. His greatness cannot be doubted. Having a good dribble, Boaz and his club have won many championships in Indonesia and he made to the Indonesian National Team as a captain.

  1. Ari Sihasale

Ari Sihasale is a native Papuan youth. He is an artist in the Indonesian Movie industry. Through his very cold hands, various films with the theme of nationalism managed to make sweet memories on the day of film lovers in Indonesia. He managed to make the films Denias, Senandung di Atas Awan, King, Sedadu Kumbang, and Di Timur Matahari.