Amidst a lot of critical discussions which at times look to threaten livelihoods and well being, Vanuatu’s biggest online community has launched KANDA (KUESTION & ANSA) to formally connect people, churches, chiefs, and the government leaders through social media. The KANDA column is initiated specifically to address and provide some answers to miss-understandings on any issues trending at the time on social media in Vanuatu.

As Facebook in Vanuatu is free on both the Telecommunications networks, KANDA is introduced to allow “small” people a chance to talk to their leaders from wherever they are in Vanuatu without fear but encouraged to be respectful in approach and get an answer to a question.

KANDA is not limited in approach to the punters, pollies and pundits who will be given the opportunity to thrash out the hot issues of the week with sarcasm, criticisms, and mocking. KANDA articles are open source and can have from one to a thousand contributors.

KANDA is weekly based on one topic. The article is continuous which means every day something new is added to it (readers are notified and encouraged to check the article) whenever something new has been added to it. The article keeps expanding and increasing as the week unfolds to be closed by end of week pending for an outcome (if there can be one). Uncertainty and stress will be part of a KANDA article and everyone is encouraged to be optimistic at all times.

The topics will begin every week and so forth however all KANDA articles are not dead and will remain active. Once a KANDA articles is resolved, we bring the article back up, insert the outcomes and repost with new headlines to declare a resolution on the topic with images, voice recording and videos.

KANDA is published every first day of the week to the websites, the Facebook pages, twitter accounts and profile timelines to ensure everyone can have a chance to be part of the articles through the links.

“Onion, Potato and Carrot” is the first topic of KANDA featuring the Minister for Agriculture Matai Seremiah and the members of Yumi Toktok Stret Facebook discussions group. 

Public institutions are also encouraged to use this column for public consultations for new legislations, policies, developments and public sector initiatives where people can question the Government Minister (who are online direct) to provide explanations why we need these developments and also clear the air on any other misunderstanding people may have on government developments.

All KANDA articles will be regarded as extracts, opinions, views, discussions and debates and everyone online (including the expat communities, the businesses) is welcomed to participate, choose the topics or run the interviews (discussions will be monitored for fowl language.)

Topics for the following weeks will be publicized in advanced so readers can make time to be part of the discussions. It will be fun, it will be cruel, it will put a lot of people in the spot light but KANDA (KUESTION & ANSA) is here and you can start using it now!! Enjoy!!